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Professional Insurance Women of Minnesota

Working Toward Professional & Personal Growth

Our Mission

Professional Insurance Women (PIW) is a networking organization whose mission is to promote the professional and personal growth of its members by creating an opportunity for the exchange of ideas and mutual support. 

PIW's Focus

  • Promote career and education goals

  • Inform members through workshops and seminars

  • Develop lifelong business and personal relationships

  • Exchange experiences and ideas

  • Create a mutual support system

  • Mentor new members

  • Enhance members' professional images

  • Balance professional and personal lives

PIW provides a forum for communication among insurance providers, brokers, agents and buyers to enhance the understanding of the insurance profession.


PIW is an independent Twin Cities based organization and is not affiliated with any state or national organization. Monthly meetings are held year-round and annual dues are collected each fall.

PIW has an executive board that oversees the organization according to its constitution and bylaws. There are numerous committees that keep the organization viable including the Program, Finance and Membership committees, to name a few. Members are encouraged to serve on a committee.

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