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Membership Information

  • Registration for the upcoming monthly meeting will begin following the completion of the previous meeting. Registration forms will be sent to all PIW members. Members can find the schedule under the schedules tab or in the monthly PIW website.

  • Members and guests should send a completed registration form to the PIW treasurer or submit payment via PayPal to the treasurer to confirm attendance. Registration forms or PayPal payments should be received no later than noon on the Wednesday prior to the meeting date.

  • Payments made by check, cash or PayPal can be paid in advance of the meeting, or paid at the door.

  • If requested, a receipt for payment will be provided by the treasurer at the time of payment.

  • Since PIW is obligated by contract to pay for each reserved meal, members and guests who pre-pay and do not attend will not receive a refund. The exception would be members and guests who have informed the treasurer that they could not attend prior to the meeting, and in time to adjust the head-count.

  • It is important that all attendees sign the roster for each meeting in order to ensure that their attendance records remain accurate for the year.

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