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March Meeting

New ways to Lead Millennials to Accelerate Business Results

Date: Wednesday, March 20

OPEN Meeting - Guests are welcome!

Normandale Office Park

8400 Tower

Training room is located on the first floor

8400 Normandale Lake Blvd.

Bloomington, MN 55437


7 - 7:30AM: Check-In

7:30 - 8AM: Catered buffet breakfast

8 - 9AM: Meeting

Cost: $25 per person

More Information:

In a few short years, the star performers in your business will mainly be Millennials. As business leaders, how do we  unlock the creative insights and leadership acumen of this talent-rich generation? What leadership shifts might need to happen?  How do we need to rethink our hiring, engagement and retention strategies, in light of this generation’s values?  Fresh millennial insights, combined with experience and wisdom,  will be the competitive advantage that accelerates your business results and secures your leadership legacy.

Get answers to these questions:

- How might I do get full engagement of millennials, in order to accelerate business results?

- What does this generation really want from me as a leader?

- How might I need to adjust my approach in order to get the best results?

Danita Bye, M.A. is a leadership and sales development expert. She has successful sales leadership experience ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100. Her work on the Forbes Coaches Council and as a Harvard MBA Sales Coach energizes her to provide real-world solutions for business and sales leaders of all ages.

Danita's goal is to get your Millennial sales teams on the sales growth track, producing  results. Her recent book, Millennials Matter: Proven Strategies for Building Your Next-Gen Leader, is one of the best books written about Millennial Leadership. She also has a TEDx talk, Millennial Leaders: Stop Complaining, Start Coaching.

She has a leadership blog at, provides practical tips, tools, and talk tracks for those who mentor and coach emerging leaders in order to grow their businesses.


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