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This year, our event will be assembly chemo bags for the Firefly Sisterhood: Our Mission: To foster one-to-one connections between women who are impacted by a breast cancer diagnosis and inspirational survivors. They provide one-to-one social and emotional support to women who have been impacted by a breast cancer diagnosis. Founded in the Twin Cities, they support women from coast to coast. The support services are free and delivered at the time of diagnosis, during treatment, and into survivorship. Their goal is a future where no woman faces breast cancer alone.

Here is the list of items we have so far:

40 Firefly Sisterhood Pamphlets

40 Bags

40 Chap Sticks (unscented)

40 Water bottles

40 Travel size body lotion (unscented)

40 BC Pens

40 BC Cosmetic bags

40 BC Bracelets

40 Pink Flamingo Booties

40 Individually wrapped mints

40 Hand sanitizers

40 Lip Balm

40 Sheer organza gift bags with drawstrings

Here is the list of items we could use:

40 Boxes of baking soda

40 Small boxes of salt

Hershey kisses or other small chocolates to put into the organza bags

Unscented hand lotion is always needed travel size

Pocket/purse size Kleenex


Notecards that we can write cheerful thoughts to the recipients

We have pink lined recipe cards that we will be asking you to fill out with the recipe for the mouth rinse to help with the side effects from chemo. (Hence the need for baking soda and salt).

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